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Mango Jam - Best Of New Cebu Music

1. Ibit - Afternoons Together
2. Lapu Lapu D.R.O.P. - Brownout
3. BTU - Coat Of Love
4. Erwin Randolph - Jennifer
5. Hungry Cells - Let's Pretend
6. ETU - Shades Of Grey
7. C.E.B.U. - We Are CEBU
8. 40 The Band - What I Say
9. The Ire - Wisdom
10. Salome & Crossover - You Set My Heart Free

i like this album because of this person Atty: 

Enrique Jacktaling Villegas

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gigantour 2005

01. BOBAFLEX - Better Than Me
02. DRY KILL LOGIC - Paper Tiger
04. NEVERMORE - Born
05. NEVERMORE - Enemies Of Reality
06. SYMPHONY X - Inferno
07. SYMPHONY X - Of Sins And Shadows
08. LIFE OF AGONY - Day He Died
09. LIFE OF AGONY - Love To Let You Down
10. FEAR FACTORY - Transgression
11. FEAR FACTORY - Archetype
12. DREAM THEATER - Glass Prison
13. DREAM THEATER - Panic Attack
14. MEGADETH - She Wolf
15. MEGADETH - A Tout Le Monde
16. MEGADETH - Kick The Chair

Scars On Broadway - Live Area4 - 2008

2.I Like Suicide
3.Stoner Hate
4.World Long Gone
6.Scars On Broadway
7.Whoring Streets
9.Kill Each OTher/Live Forever
14.Cute Machines
15.They Say 

Stone Sour - Live At Download Festival - 2010

1. Mission Statement
2. Made Of Scars
3. Hell & Consequences

Pantera - Live Monsters Of Rock 1992 Italy

1. Mouth For War
2. Domination
3. Hollow
4. Rise
5. This Love
6. Cowboys From Hell 

Metallica - Live S**it: Binge & Purge - Seattle 1989

1. Blackened
2. For Whom The Bell Tolls
3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
4. Harvester Of Sorrow
5. The Four Horsemen
6. The Thing That Should Not Be
7. Bass Solo
8. Master Of Puppets
9. Fade To Black
10. Seek & Destroy
11. And Justice For All
12. One
13. Creeping Death
14. Guitar Solo
15. Battery
16. Last Caress
17. Am I Evil?
18. Whiplash
19. Breadfan

Dream Theater Live At Budokan 2004

1. As I am
2. This Dying Soul
3. Beyond This Life
4. Hollow Years
5. War Inside My Head
6. The Test that Stumped Them All
7. Endless Sacrifice
8. Instrumedly
9. Trial of Tears
10. New Millennium
11. Keyboard Solo
12. Only a Matter of Time
13. Goodnight Kiss
14. Solitary Shell
15. Stream of Conciousness
16. Disappear
17. Pull Me Under
18. In the Name of God

Arch Enemy Live In Japan 2008

  1. Intro / Blood On Your Hands
  2. Ravenous
  3. Taking Back My Soul
  4. Dead Eyes See No Future
  5. Dark Insanity
  6. The Day You Died
  7. Christopher Solo
  8. Silverwing
  9. Night Falls Fast
  10. Daniel Solo
  11. Burning Angel
  12. Michael Solo (incluído Intermezzo Liberté)
  13. Dead Bury Their Dead
  14. Vultures
  15. Enemy Within
  16. Snowbound
  17. Shadows And Dust
  18. Nemesis
  19. We Will Rise
  20. Fields Of Desolation / Outro 

Kreator - Live Graspop 2011

1.Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
3.Endless Pain
4.Pleasure to Kill
5.Destroy What Destroys You
6.Enemy of God
8.Violent Revolution
9.Flag of Hate

Megadeth - Rock In Rio II - 1991

01 - Peace Sells
02 - Devil's Island
03 - Take No Prisoners
04 - Holy Wars
05 - Lucretia
06 - Anarchy In Rio
07 - Tornado Of Souls
08 - Skull Beneath The Skin
09 - The Conjuring 

Iron Maiden - Maiden England - 1989

01. Moonchild
02. The Evil that Men Do
03. The Prisoner
04. Still Life
05. Die With Your Boots On
06. Infinite Dreams
07. Killers
08. Can I Play With Madness?
09. Heaven Can Wait
10. Wasted Years
11. The Clairvoyant
12. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
13. The Number of the Beast
14. Hallowed Be Thy Name
15. Iron Maiden 

Marilyn Manson Live In Tokyo 2005

1. The Love Song
2. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
3. Disposable Teens
4. Tourniquet
5. Personal Jesus
6. Great Big White World
7. Tainted Love
8. The Fight Song
9. The Nobodies
10. Rock Is Dead
11. The Beautiful People
12. Antichrist Superstar

Slipknot - Live Rock In Rio 2011

Slayer - Soundtrack To The Apocalypse

1.Die By the Sword
Live in California - 3/83
2.Aggresive Perfector
Live in California - 1983
3.Prise of Death
Live in California - 9/84
4.Haunting the Chapel
Live in Sweden - 5/85
Live in New York - 1986
Live in New York - 1986
7.Jesus Saves
Live in New York - 1986
8.War Ensemble
Live in Michigan - 6/91
9.South of Heaven
Live in Michigan - 6/91
10.Dead Skin Mask
Live in Michigan - 6/91
Live in California - 8/96
12.Heaviest Band Award
Kerrang Magazine Award - 1996
13.EPK Diabolus in Musica - 1998
14.Stain of Mind
Live in Japan - 7/98
Live in ESPN - 4/02
Live in France - 7/03
17.God Send Death
Live in France - 7/03 

Obituary - Live Xecution - Party.San 2008

1. Find The Arise
2. On The Floor
3. Chopped In Half
4. Turned Inside Out
5. Forces Realign
6. Insane
7. Face Your God
8. Dethroned Emperor
9. Evil Ways
10. Drop Dead
11. Contrast The Dead
12. Second Chance
13. Stand Alone
14. Slow Death
15. Slowly We Rot

Kataklysm - Live In Deutschland - 2007

01 - Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
02 - Where The Enemy Sleeps...
03 - The Ressurected
04 - Let Them Burn
05 - As The Glorious Weep
06 - As I Slither
07 - Manipulator Of Souls
08 - The Ambassador Of Pain
09 - Crippled & Broken
10 - In Shadows & Dust
11 - Face The Face Of War
12 - The Road To Devastation
13 - Illuminati
14 - To Reign Again
15 - The Awakener
16 - Sorcery 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Zack de la Rocha's Music Before he Started Rage Against the Machine

Hard Stance were a straight edge hardcore band from California in the late 80's. Their sound is fairly typical of the sound from from out there. Old-School-ish mid to fast tempo hardcore. Done mostly pretty good.

I hadn't heard this EP until more recently. I had known of the bands existence for some time. Like a lot of people know, it's the band with Zach Del La Rocha in it. And that's cool. He plays guitar like he did for Farside shortly after. That was a brief moment before his rise with Rage Against The Machine. The bands pedigree is deeper than that. The connections are many and some of the bands that these guys have been involved in might be more the reason for the interest in this EP, than just Zach De La Rocha. The Haworth brothers went to play in State of the Nation, a really good post-hardcore band. The drummer went to play in Chain of Strength, continuing the Hard Stance sound and aesthetic (read hard-line straightedge), but with more of a NYHC youth crew influence. And one of the two brothers were in the band Farside who played more of a rocking punk vibe. I guess we cant forget Inside Out, which is an amazing EP and is probably ubiquitous at this point, but No Spiritual Surrender is a classic.

Thats mostly what I have known / learned. It's cool to finally hear this EP and while it doesnt hold a candle to members later projects it is a cool entry into the history of Hardcore. People had requested this too, so this ones for you. We should talk about Outspoken after this. They were a great Cali hardcore band from this time.
 Hard Stance - Face Reality 1988
Face Reality       
Clash Of Views       
No One To Blame       
Quick To Judge       
Our Turn

 Hard Stance – Hard Stance 1994

Is This The End   
Torn Apart       
Strength Through Strife        
Face Reality        
Clash Of Views       
No One To Blame       
Quick To Judge       
Our Turn

Monday, May 2, 2011


A MASTERPIECE ALBUM is a list of consumers because of incessant play on the CD player.
- Dragonforce > Inhuman rampage
- Rancid > And out come the wolves
- As Blood Runs Black > Allegiance
- Slipknot > Slipknot
- Slipknot > Iowa
- Nirvana > Intesticide
- Nofx > Punk in Drublic
- American Head Charge > The war of art
- American Head Charge > The feeding
- DownTheSun > DownTheSun
- Glassjaw > album vecchi
- System Of a Down > System of a down
- Refused > Song to fan the flames of disconnected
- Melvins > Houdini
- The Locust > New Erections
- Blood Brothers > Burn island piano burn
- Handsome Furs > Plague park
- Korn > Issues
- Sonic Youth > Experimental jet set, trash and no star
- Ray Daytona & The Googoobombos > Fasten seat belt
- L7 > Bricks are heavy
- Jerry Lee Lewis > Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
- The Withe Stripes > Icky thump
- Muse > Origin of symmetry
- Sepultura > Arise
- Pantera > Vulgar display of power
- Horse The Band > A natural death
- Le Tigre > The island
- She > Coloris
- Shiny Toys Guns > We are pilots
- The Hives > Black & white album
- Marilyn Manson > AntiChrist superstar
- Marilyn Manson > Mechanical animal
- Raised Fist > Dedication
- Darkest Hour > Hidden hands of sadist nation
- Mindless Self Indulgence > tutti
- Queens Of The Stone Age > Songs for the deaf
- Justice > †
- Prodigy > The fat of the land
- Data > Skiwriter
- Daft Punk > tutto a cazzo
- Davide Vandesbisuz > Istinti di stupro e porca la madonna
- Davide Vandesbisuz > Umplugged dai mostri
- Brujeria > Brujerizmo
- Asesino > Cristo satanico
- All Shall Perish > The price of existence
- Trivium > Ascendancy
- 3 Inch Of Blood > Advance the vanquish
- Sick Of It All > Live in a dive
- Slayer > Indisputed attitude
- Slayer > God hates us all
- Moshpit > Fallow the loser
- Micropoint > Neurophonie
- Mudwayne > Ld50
- As I Lay Dying > Frail worlds collapse
- Chimaira > The impossibility of reason
- Medeia > Cult
- Blessed By A Broken Heart > Pedal to the metal
- Sabrepulse > Turbo city
- Bleeding Through > The truth
- Hatebreed > The rise of brutality

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Work of Tomas Kalnoky - Gimp, Catch 22, B.O.T.A.R, Streetlight Manifesto - Discography 1996-2010

Tomas Kalnoky (born on December 24, 1980) is the lead singer/guitarist and songwriter of the bands Streetlight Manifesto and Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, and goes by the pseudonym Toh Kay as a solo performer.[1] He is the former lead singer/guitarist for 3rd-wave ska band Catch 22, but left the band after making only one album (their debut, Keasbey Nights) to attend Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, for visual art.[2] According to the booklet of Somewhere in the Between, Kalnoky attended Rutgers University.
Kalnoky's family immigrated from the Czech Republic to the U.S. in 1985, when he was 5 years old. He has one brother, Achilles, who is a year older than he is. During a live performance in Greece in 2008, Tomas stated that he was of Greek descent and had lived in the country for several years. He, however, had to leave the country because due to his Greek citizenship, he would have had to serve in the Greek Military.
Kalnoky said he learned to play guitar because of influence from The Beatles. His first foray into the music world began with the punk band Gimp, with whom he released one cassette, Smiles for Macavity, before moving onto Catch 22 (with fellow Gimp members drummer Chris Greer and bassist Jason Scharenguivel). It was in Gimp that Kalnoky first wrote the song "Supernothing" which later appeared on the Catch 22 demo Rules of the Game (EP) and the album Keasbey Nights. However, the original version is a much slower acoustic song, which features Kalnoky's brother Achilles on violin (Achilles would later appear on the Bandits EP A Call to Arms, as well as on the first volume of "99 songs of Revolution"). Kalnoky is involved in The RISC Group, of which very little is known.
After Tomas departed Catch 22, three ex-members of Catch 22, Tomas Kalnoky, Josh Ansley, and Jamie Egan, joined with three ex-One Cool Guy members, Stuart Karmatz, Dan Ross, and Pete Sibilia, to form Streetlight Manifesto.[3] Despite the horn section, Kalnoky is hesitant to brand them "ska" saying, "Ska is something that you have to tread so lightly with because there are so many, ironically, Nazi-like purists out there who will rip you apart because you don't fit the part of the 'ska band'".[4]
Kalnoky played an Ibanez AS73 in the early days of Streetlight Manifesto, and now plays a "cherry red" Gibson ES-335. The AS73 may have been one of the items stolen when the band was robbed on October 2, 2005.
Kalnoky's influences are many, the blending of which creates Streetlight's signature sound. Kalnoky cites The Drifters as a favorite band. Other musical influences include Nirvana, The Suicide Machines, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and The Dead Milkmen. He has mentioned Czech folk singer Jaromir Nohavica as one of his musical heroes. During one of his early interviews, Kalnoky cited American pop-folk singer Mason Jennings as one of his current CD's playing in his car. Streetlight Manifesto has recorded Jennings' Birds Flying Away as a track on "99 Songs of Revolution."
During the 2009 Van's Warped Tour Tomas broke his arm in a bicycle accident, rendering him incapable of playing guitar. Guitar player Sean P. Rogan of Big D and the Kids Table filled Tomas' spot on guitar while his arm healed. Tomas continued, however, to take up the microphone and sing the band's set.
Kalnoky is a self-proclaimed perfectionist, explaining the persistent delay of Streetlight Manifesto's second original album, Somewhere in the Between, and the next album by the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, which he says "Will be released by the end of this decade."[5]
In 2010, Streetlight Manifesto came out with the first volume of 99 Songs of Revolution, the first of (according to the cd booklet) "...8 or so records that focus entirely on playing music that other musicians have written." One of the songs however, "They Provide the Paint for the Picture Perfect Masterpiece that You Will Paint on the Insides of Your Eyelids," is originally written by Tomas and performed by his "side project," Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution. The project/record was originally planned to be solely by Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, but, as time went on, it faded into a project containing both Streetlight and BOTAR, as well as, supposedly, 2 others. For this reason, BOTAR has been called "the single least prolific musical group on the face of the planet," by the Pentimento Music Company, a member of the RISC Group.[6] Also in 2010, Kalnoky released a split CD with Dan Potthast entitled You by Me: Vol 1, under the pseudonym "Toh Kay."[7] The first official Toh Kay music video is his interpretation of "I've Set Sail," originally by Dan Potthast, animated by Eric Power of Inked Reality.[8]

    * Smiles for Macavity (Cassette) (1996) - Download

 Catch 22

    * Rules of the Game (EP) (Cassette) (1997) - Download
    * Keasbey Nights (1998) - Download

 Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

    * A Call to Arms (EP) (2001) - Download

 Streetlight Manifesto

    * Streetlight Manifesto Demo (EP) (2002) - Download
    * Streetlight Manifesto & Glasseater - Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down - Split EP (2003) - Download 
    * Everything Goes Numb (August 26, 2003) - Download
    * Keasbey Nights (March 7, 2006) - Download
    * Somewhere in the Between (November 13, 2007) - Download
    * Streetlight Manifesto - Live: The Annandale Hotel, Sydney (2008) - Download
    * 99 Songs of Revolution (March 16, 2010) [9] - Download
 Toh Kay

    * You By Me: Vol. 1 (With Dan Potthast of MU330 and The Stitch Up) (November 16, 2010) -  Download

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Rock Sugar - Reimaginator (2010)

1. Don't Stop The Sandman
2. We Will Kickstart Your Rhapsody
3. Crazy Girl
4. Voices In The Jungle
5. Here Comes The Fool You Wanted
6. Shook Me Like A Prayer
7. Straight To Rock City
8. Prayin' For A Sweet Weekend
9. Heaven And Heaven
10. Breakin' The Love
11. I Love Sugar On Me
12. Round And Separated
13. Dreaming Of A Whole Lotta Breakfast

Northern Kings - Rethroned (2008)

1. Training Montage [Vince Dicola cover]
2. Wanted Dead Or Alive [Bon Jovi cover]
3. Kiss From A Rose [Seal]
4. Nothing Compares 2 U [Sinead o'connor]
5. A view To Kill [Duran Duran cover]
6. My Way [Frank Sinatra cover]
7. Strangelove [Depeche Mode cover]
8. Take On Me [A-Ha cover]
9. I Should Be So Lucky [Kylie Minogue cover]
10. Killer [Adamski feat. Seal cover]
11. Roisin Dubh [Black Rose cover]/A Rock Legend [Thin Lizzy cover]

Northern Kings - Reborn (2007)

1. Don't Stop Believin' [Journey cover]
2. We Don't Need Another Hero [Tina Turner cover]
3. Broken Wings [Mr. Mister cover]
4. Rebel Yell [Billy Idol cover]
5. Ashes To Ashes [David Bowie cover]
6. Fallen On Hard Times [Jethro Tull cover]
7. (I Just) Died In Your Arms [Cutting Crew cover]
8. Sledgehammer [Peter Gabriel cover]
9. Don't Bring Me Down [Electric Light Orchestra cover]
10. In The Air Tonight [Phil Collins cover]
11. Creep [Radiohead cover]
12. Hello [Lionel Ritchie cover]
13. Brothers In Arms [Dire Straits cover]

Skindred - Union Black (2011)

1. Intro (Union Black)
2. Warning
3. Cut Dem
4. Doom Riff
5. Living A Lie
6. Gun Talk
7. Own Ya
8. Make Your Mark
9. Get It Now
10. Bad Man Ah Bad Man
11. Death to All Spies
12. Game Over

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Human Abstract - Digital Veil (2011)

1. "Elegiac"
2. "Complex Terms"
3. "Digital Veil"
4. "Faust"
6. "Holographic Sight"
7. "Horizon to Zenith"
8. "Patterns"

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The Black Dots of Death - Ever Since We Were Children (2011)

... so many people requested this... why? Is it possible that this could be conceived as good music. Yes Clown is one of the driving forces behind Slipknot but this side project of his is a runaway train of horror. Why he thinks using rhymes from early 90's hip hop is cool I will never know, this is giving me a headache so I'm turning it off. Feel free to enlighten me if im missing something great behind this crap.

01 – S.A.T.A.N.
02 – Destroy Anything
03 – Standing Alone
04 – Lower Than Dirt
05 – Everyone Can Kill
06 – I Am Lost
07 – The Hunt Is Over
08 – Uncertainty
09 – Been Gone So Long
10 – Let’s Get Fked Upon Absinthe(k.s Remix)
11 – Standing Alone – Stay Pure Big Chocolate Remix
12 – Uncertainty – Through With It EDGEY Remix

Nervecell - Preaching Venom (2009)

1. As They Reign & Slither 01:32
2. Vicious Circle Of Bloodshed 04:18
3. Flesh & Memories 04:45
4. For Every Victim Fallen 04:34
5. Beyond Our Sins 04:42
6. Haute Monde Facade 04:57
7. Ratios 06:22
8. Demean 03:51
9. Vastlands Of Abomination 04:12
10. Existence Ceased 06:06 

Nervecell - Psychogenocide (2011)

Technical Death Metal from Dubai, yeah guys. Nervecell blowed my mind with their previous release, that I'll probably post on the blog - or not. This new record if full of great riffs, technical and delicious guitar parts, and a great drummer - as usual in this kind of Death Metal. Cutted with a fine blade of scalpel, the compositions are sublimed by a fantastic sound, organic, clean but not too much. Well, I think enough has been said. Download, listen, enjoy, and don't forget to buy the release if you liked it !
Tracklist :
01. Anemic Assurgency
02. Upon An Epidemic Scheme
03. All Eyes On Them
04. Amok Doctrine
05. Psychogenocide
06. Imprint
07. Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness) Feat Karl Sanders
08. The Taste Of Betrayal
09. Driven By Nescience
10. Nation's Plague